George the Hedgehog

Jez Jerzy

PL, 2011




GEORGE THE HEDGEHOG, an inveterate womanizer, big fan of skateboard and couple of pints after hours becomes a key point in the master plan of a genetic manipulations freak. The crazy scientist hires two deadly enemies of George, the skinheads, Zenek and Stefan. Their job is to get hold of George`s genes in order to create the Hedgehog`s clone. Some secret laboratory work and the clone is born and quickly becomes a multi-media idol, severely complicating George`s life and ruining his reputation in the meantime. The Hedgehog fights back for his identity and, above all, his beloved Jola.

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  • Regie:Tomasz Lesniak, Jakub Tarkowski, Wojtek Wawszczy

  • Autor:Tomasz Lesniak, Jakub Tarkowski, Wojtek Wawszczy

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