Looking Back, Looking Forward: North American Avant-Garde Film Since the Eighties


Keith Sanborn
The Artwork in the Age of its Mechanical Reproducibility by Walter Benjamin as told to Keith Sanborn © 1936 Jayne Austen
USA 1996, 4 Min.

Mike Hoolboom
Frank's Cock Can 1993, 8 Min.

Abigail Child
Covert Action
USA 1984, 11 Min.

Leslie Thornton
Dung Smoke Enters the Palace
from Peggy and Fred in Hell, first cycle; USA 1989, 16 Min.

Keith Sanborn
The Zapruder Footage: Investigation of Consensual Hallucination
USA 1999, 20 Min.

Gariné Torrosian
Sparklehorse Can 1999, 9 Min.

Peggy Ahwesh
She Puppet USA 2001, 15 Min.

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