IND 2018
Drama 90 min.
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"White" is Aneek Chaudhuri’s new silent feature film that tells stories of three women surviving rape and fighting it back to lead a stronger life. White conjoins three tales based on a similar theme; however, each woman has her own life and a way of leading it. The first tale is of a factory girl getting raped inside the work premises and her story of survival. Following it is the second tale of a single mother and her inability to face her own child after the heinous crime on the lady. This is a story of the child's upbringing in an orphanage and her return to her childhood home after two decades. The third and the last tale is of a raped married woman (in a village) and how her husband reacts to it (positively though) and attests his name on the victim child.


Aneek Chaudhuri



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