"A Perfect Body Is an Embarrassing Body"

"A Perfect Body Is an Embarrassing Body"

div., 2020




Do we need to have an accident? Sabine Marte. AT, 2011, DCP, Farbe, 3 min
Something Else Kevin Jerome Everson. US, 2007, DCP, Farbe, 2 min
Lezzieflick Nana Swiczinsky. AT, 2008, DCP, Farbe, 7 min
The Giverny Document (Single Channel) Ja'Tovia Gary. US/FR, 2019, DCP, Farbe und sw, 40 min
Swallow Elisabeth Subrin. US, 1995, DCP, sw, 28 min
Cause of Death Jyoti Mistry. ZA/AT, 2020, DCP, Farbe und sw, 20 min

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