Music Videos produced by Michael Shamberg

USA, 1981

Ich wollte ein Video zu einem New-Order-Song namens The Sands of Dee produzieren, bei dem der große Michael Powell Regie führen sollte. Leider kam das Projekt in letzter Minute nicht zustande. Ich möchte das Programm ihm widmen. (Michael Shamberg) / GRACE JONES / Libertango (R: Jean-Paul Goude, 1981) / NEW ORDER / Confusion (R: Charles Sturridge, 1981) / The Perfect Kiss (R: Jonathan Demme, 1984) / Bizarre Love Triangle (R: Robert Longo, 1985) / True Faith (R: Philippe Decoufle, 1987) / Blue Monday '88 (R: Robert Breer/William Wegman, 1988) / Touched by the Hand of God (R: Kathryn Bigelow, Kamera: Roger Deakins, 1989) / Round and Round (R: Paula Greif, 1990) / Run (R: Robert Frank, 1990) / Fine Time (R: Richard Heslop, 1992) / Regret (R: Peter Care, 1993) / World (R: Baillie Walsh, 1993) / 1963 (R: Gina Birch, 1995) / Round and Round - Patty Version (R: Paula Greif, 1990) / ELECTRONIC / Getting Away With It (R: Chris Marker, Kamera: Yves Angelo, 1992) / R.E.M. / Shiny Happy People (R: Katherine Dieckmann) / B-52's / Revolution Earth (R: James Herbert) / THROWING MUSES / Counting Backwards (R: Katherine Dieckmann) / KRISTEN HIRSH / Your Ghost (R: Katherine Dieckmann) / PATTI SMITH / Summer Cannibals (R: Robert Frank, 1996)A selection of videos produced by Michael Shamberg, one of the most creative and innovative producers in this field, working with well-known bands and directors. The program is dedicated to Michael Powell who was supposed to direct a New Order music video for Shamberg. The project fell through at the last minute.

  • Regie:Michael Shamberg

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