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ANIME HAIKU beschert das Festivalpublikum mit einer originellen Auswahl von neuen, unabhängigen, japanischen Animationsfilmen.

KUCHAO (A Gum Boy)

Masaki Okuda - 3 Min, 2010

The primary schoolboy "Kuchao" is hated person in his class. Even if everyone fly balloons, only he doesn`t part with his it. When he immediately begins to chew a bubble gum, he enter the imagination world After school. When his balloon becomes the face and begins to chew a bubble gum, it changes into various things. His imagination makes rapid progress more. Then, the bird approaches while flying, and...


Yoshiko - 8 Min, 2010

A story of a girl`s imagination. "Googuri Googuri" A made up word, a secret word shared by a girl and her grandfather. For the granddaughter, her grandfather is at times like a mountain, at other times like a tree, at other times like an ocean; and her thoughts take wing into her imagination endlessly.


Masanori - 2 Min, 2011

"BONNIE" is something like the wind, and she was hoping that everything would get blown away.

HOKORIKEN NO HANASHI (The Cloudy Dog Talk About)

Asami Ike - 3 Min, 2012

Dogs are all end up to be a dusty dog. Dogs' dust consists of pride of themselves and that of you. The film is of the memory, love and gratitude of the dusty dog, and many other dogs, tracing their senses and memories, dedicating to you who gave love to them.


Ryo Okawara - 10 Min, 2012

The film is about a family which runs a chicken farm. The boy hankers after birds and his little sister keeps an eye on him. The father loves eggs. The mother loves somebody else. In the family fixture, each member stays there with bias or secrets.


Hakhyun Kim - 3 Min, 2012

A man is waiting for someone in a small boat. In loneliness he keeps waiting for someone. For whom or why he is waiting is not very important. He wishes to see the sight of formless "happiness, " which can vanish in a blink of an eye as long as possible.

HANA TO YOME (Flower and Steam)

Eri Kawaguchi - 4 Min, 2012

A bride runs in her full speed, with her veil flapping, and with steam. When you happen to encounter a bride in her wedding dress, you would love to bless her with a wave of your hand. Brides symbolize beauty and happiness. They are also athletes who won their happiness.


Aya TSUGEHATA - 5 Min, 2011


Mayo Yoshida - 7 Min, 2012

The hero has been living a life as an undergraduate. There is nothing remarkable about him. However, he has noticed there became something strange about his friends recently. He learned that they were getting mad about "job-hunting." Without realizing what the job-hunting is, the hero is also getting drawn to Nipponese Job-hunting swirl.

YUBI WO NUSUNDA ONNA (The Woman Who Stole Fingers)

Saori Shiroki - 4 Min, 2010

One day, a boy who separated from his mother`s hand is deprived of his fingers. When mother`s love shows another side, His fingers become a larva and part from his hand. The house stands as concealed a relationship between the two from anyone. How does the boy who is deprived of his finger grow up?

YASASHII MARCH (The Tender March)

Wataru Uekusa - 4 Min, 2011

A visual roller-coaster ride right out of a Japanese, pop culture-infused graphic novel - but with lots more screens. (from LIAF)

YUGESHOU (Sunset Flower Blooming)

Yuanyuan Hu - 10 Min, 2012

The film is set in China, in the 1960s. An old woman cools herself in the garden. The sunset makes the sky orange. Sunset flower starts to bloom. The flower guides her to daydream. The woman dreams the childhood memories and when she was young and beautiful.


Senri Iida - 3 Min, 2011

A bold and colourful visual essay on what fish can teach us about dealing with the peak-hour traffic. (from LIAF) v

SAMAYOU SHINZOU (Rootless Heart)

Toshiko Hata - 9 Min, 2011

Uncertainty equals danger. And uncertain danger requires a response. But an uncertain response comes with uncertain consequences. (from LIAF)

HITO NO SHIMA (Island of Man)

Alimo - 6 Min, 2011

A quiet carpet of Zen imagery and narrative. On an island that could be anywhere, a pair of boots lay cast away. (from LIAF)


Atsushi Wada - 10 Min, 2010

There is a house. It is very ordinary house. And man`s family lives in the house. It is very ordinary family except for the circumstances that a huge pig is lying down in front of a house. The giant pig and the ordinary house, the huge pig and mankind and the father and mother. What is the ordinary family`s type that comes into view in each relations each other?



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