Brazil, 2021


Discomposure is an experimental movie made of moving images of women, while they worked and were filmed under an aesthetic of fracture. Her bodies were positioned by the white middle classes men's eyes as if they were parts that served like props, support, and of spectators of lives which depended on these women. The movie disorganized this visual aesthetic. It did to see that, between who was filming and those entered, marginally, the scene, there was the black female look that stared at the camera, as an affront, so showing affirmation, contestation, and constraint.


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  • Regie:Alline Torres

  • Kamera:Alline Torres, Víctor Alvino, Anaduda Coutinho, Marcio Plastina

  • Autor:Alline Torres

  • Musik:Víctor Alvino, Pedro Fontoura

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