Everything that's beautiful they let the people see

 A 2005

Sve sto je lepo, daju ljudima da vide

Kurzfilm 6 min.
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Rakovica Selo is a settlement of one-family houses in the outskirts of Beograd. In the end of the streets, where the asphalt ends, begins the living area of about 50 Roma-families. Almost 25 years ago they were evicted from the city Beograd to the edge of the city, small houses built as a provisional. They were promised/told to get some houses or appartments soon. The time has passed, the Roma people were forgot and ignored. The Roma didnt receive any response to their requests from the majors. The settlers have organised their way of living and this transitory settlement became their home.

This video deals with the situation of Roma people in this settlement and their way of living.

Serbische Originalfassung mit englischen Untertiteln


Veronika Brandt, Nils Olger



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