Fifarum - third time lucky

 CZ 2011
Animation 75 min.
6.70 poster

FIMFARUM - THIRD TIME LUCKY consists of three fairy tales, each of them directed by different artist. In the first story a news crew travel to Sumava Mountains to find out the truth about giants living in there. The second story takes us to follow the footsteps of a king. The king sends his three sons on a quest for bringing back the king's hat from a tavern he left it into, when he was a young man. The third adventure takes place around a pig herder called Louis as two virtues, Reason and Luck, try to prove their importance by changing the pig herder's life. FIMFARUM - THIRD TIME LUCKY closes the animated trilogy of Fimfarum, which was inspired by fairy tales of Jan Werich.


Kristina Dufková, Vlasta Pospísilová
Karel Holas, Vladimír Merta
Jirí Kubícek, Martin Vandas



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