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Die Leiberln der Barbara Wilding, directed by Eva Hausberger

Austria, 2003, 01:30

Tales of Mere Existence directed by Lev

United States, 1999, 07:00

8 episodes from this series of true stories about everything and nothing....

Life goes on, directed by Florian Hausberger

Austria 2005, 03:00

Der Film erzählt die Geschichte einer Figur die sich scheinbar hilflos durch den Alltag einer zunehmen ausufernden Welt bewegt. Das Leben der Figur thematisiert beispielhaft die Schnelllebigkeit unserer Gesellschaft.

Walk directed by Mark O'Connell

United States, 1993, 03:30

One of my first digital pieces. Done while I was a grad student, it was an imaginary walk down my local "main drag." I encounter Elmer Fudd blowing up the street with dynamite, apes playing bagpipes, eagles on mail trucks twitching spasmodically, and large dancing rabbits. This was crazy for me to make and unbelievable that it worked...

Kunstbar directed by Steve Whitehouse

Canada, 2002, 03:55

A thirsty man attempts to answer the question: "What would happen if you drank an Yves Tanguy?".

Bloody Fish, directed by Anna Maria Jung

Austria, 2005, 05:00

...abourt a really hungry fish...

Neben der Arbeit, direced by Philipp Seifried, Patrick Sturm, Joachim Techt aka Kollektiv Kaffemaschine

Austria, 2004, 04:00

Neben der Arbeit ist ein Kurzfilm, der sich mit der Frage über die Stellung des Individuums in unserer Gesellschaft beschäftigt. Zeitgemäß, provokant, hetzig: So präsentiert sich der Film der österreichischen Designstudenten zum konkreten Thema "Integration von Immigranten, Behinderten, Frauen und Langzeitarbeitslosen am Arbeitsplatz.

Home Road Movies, directed by Robert Bradbrook

England, 2001, 11:37

Die Geschichte eines schüchternen Mannes, der mit Hilfe des Familienautos ein besserer Vater sein wollte.

Western directed by Brad Albright

United States, 2003, 02:35

Centuries apart, two westerners duel from across the frontier which divides them--television....

Bomb! directed by Thomas Aigelsreiter

Austria, 2002, 04:00

A man check-in his suitcase at the airport. The suitcase is loaded onto the plane, the airplane takes off, an the man watches the start from parking deck of the airport. Any moment now the bomb, which ticks insiede the suitcase, might go off

Or maybe it´s all completely different.


Someone-Somewhere directed by Denis Skvortsov

Austria, 1999, 05:00

Dive, The directed by Kia Simon

United States, 2003, 04:45

An impressionistic music video exploring love, loss, and transcendence into the afterlife. Hand painted frame by frame from live action video, "The Dive" brings to life the haunting sounds of San Francisco breaks duo Momu.

Stereolove directed by Daniel KLEIN

France, 2003, 03:20

Lunch at the Agora goes terribly wrong. Mega autoroute overpasses crumble and smash over too much escargot in this music video

Madhouse directed by KASUMI

United States, 2001, 02:30

Pulsing, hypnotic visual samples and grooves are woven into a hallucinatory trip to the Madhouse

Rude Roll directed by Rick Raxlen

Canada, 2002, 04:30

how-to-dance-ska in three easy lessons...using the backs of three lps from the seventies,with photoillustrations on how to dance ska,the animator uses all the tricks to heat up the visuals and pump up the volume, selfportrait, xerox,cut and paste,stock animation from how-to books...the track is by MOSSMAN and is inspired by dub reggae legends King Tubby and Lee Perry...

What to Believe? directed by Mario Escobar

United States, 2002, 03:30

"What To Believe" is a short film that combines 16mm found footage, Digital Video, and assorted sound samples in a fast-paced piece that challenges the viewer's ideas about mass media and everyday iconography. By taking these images out of their pop culture created context, What To Believe challenges the notion of a passive viewer and an impartial media.

Mad Villian - All Caps! directed by James Reitano

United States, 2003, 03:00

The victims of insider sabotage, two scientists find themselves on the run from the 'company men." This music video was drawn and animated in the style of 60's comic books and uses hand-drawn animation along with video compositing and editing.

Free Speech Zone directed by KASUMI

United States, 2004, 18:02

A fusion of multi-layered polyphonic sampling, heavy, relentless beats, and scorching satire, The Free Speech Zone*, a psychedelic Dada/techno opera, is a scathing condemnation of the American government's quest for world domination.
*Street protesters wishing to demonstrate against the maniacal zealotry of the Church of Bush Rove Cheney, Inc, are confined - literally - to caged areas, euphemistically named "free speech zones" safely out of sight and earshot. Also see "Patriot Act".

ca. 91 min.

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