Myn Bala - Krieger der Steppe

Myn Bala

Kasachstan, 2012



The film describes a critical period of Kazakh history, the first half of the XVIII century, when the unity and heroism of Kazakhs became the main force on the path to Kazakh independence in a war against the Dzhungars. Young warriors led by the brave hero Sartay defend their motherland along with elders. Sartay`s legendary army, known as "Myn bala", enters into the unequal struggle with a stronger enemy and changes the course of the war.

IMDb: 6.6

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  • Schauspieler:Kuralay Anarbekova, Aliya Anuarbek, Aliya Telebarisova

  • Regie:Akan Satayev

  • Kamera:Khasan Kydyraliyev

  • Autor:Muhammed Mamyrbekov, Jayik Sizdikov

  • Musik:Renat Gaisin

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