Zwei Kinogesichter

Two Moviefaces, Deux visages de cinéma Österreich , 1998

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Klaus and Carla, two young people whose personalities are as different as night and day, are hired for a week-long trial period as salespersons for Telematic International, a computer company. They must conclude ten contracts before the company hires them permanently. This proves to be more difficult than they assumed, partly because Klaus and Carla despise each other.

They spend days driving through Tirol and visiting companies, trying to convince them to open an Internet account. Unfortunately, something unexpected always gets in their way.

Toward the end of the week, the pair becomes more and more desperate, as both of them need the job. Klaus has to repay the mortgage on his house, and Carla is unable to afford the monthly tuition for a private nursery school. Carla's daughter Vanessa is black. She keeps her daughter a secret from Klaus and the company, as one of Telematik's mottoes is: A good salesman doesn't have children.

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