Animierte Nacht


Im gigantischen Panorama-Programm von Anilogue haben wir insgesamt vier Stunden an Animations-Kurzfilmen versammelt, die ein beinahe vollständiges Bild des Filmschaffens europäischer Filmstudios im vergengenen Jahr ergeben: Animation in rauen Mengen von Trondheim bis Mailand und von Lissabon bis Tallin!


No Sleep Wont Kill You

Directed by Marko Meštroviæ

(Croatia, 2010, 9')

What happens when dreams take control over reality? Well, for starters...

Jeannine M

Directed by Gregoire Lemoine

(France, 2010, 4'11)

The year is 2027.

The overcrowded Earth swelters in a climate that has become unbearably hot. The elderly are sent out to the cooler climes of space.


Directed by Pawel Kryszak

(Poland, 2009, 5')

An anonymous clerk in an anonymous system is browsing through the files, searching for information on a young woman kept in detention. On a CCTV recording he watches a fragment of her life in prison - moping around a prison cell with her baby and unable to cope with its constant crying... In this short and fragmentary but extremely suggestive form, Kryszak creates an atmosphere of total control by the omnipotent apparatus of force. This individual, understated and allusive story transforms into a universal parable on torturers and their victims, on the fragility of individual human life confronted with the almighty system.


Directed by Martin Minsel, Florian Schnell

(Germany, 2010, 5'45)

There are many kinds of coffee and Lea seems to be confused which one to choose. How can such a simple thing as coffee disarray her?


Directed by Andrea Schneider, Loretta Arnold, Marius Portmann, Fabio Friedli
(Switzerland, 2010, 6'50)

Hausi, a Swiss patriot, leads an ordered and happy life in his humble home. Everything seems to be peaceful until the day a foreigner moves in next door and turns his world upside down.

Vive La Crise

Directed by Alexei Gubenco

(Romania, 2009, 3')

Deforestation, property development, pollution, money, and a lot of food - all this is going to change... The economic crisis is coming!

Terror From the Outer Space

Directed by Jacek Rokosz

(Poland, 2010, 13')

On an August night in 1962, a space robot lands in the Bieszczady Mountains. The robot on a mission of a "space forester" inspects local fauna and flora. Soon the extraterrestrial machine finds pollution traces in the forest: radioactive liquid spreading around the surroundings. The robot, in its quest for a source of the dangerous leak, finds a huge, steel pipe bursting with the poisonous substance. Walking along the pipe, the machine reaches a Soviet military base. There it sees 4 pipes going out of the base into the forest. The robot forces its way into the military area in order to destroy the source of contamination. All of a sudden, an alarm sets off and the space visitor is attacked by helicopters and tanks from the base ...

Larger than Life

Directed by Livio Rajh

(Croatia, 2009, 5'50)

In the year 2037, a special, survivor-recovery squad picks through the remnants of a post-apocalyptic landscape. Overlooking their fallible technology, they make a very human discovery.

First Contact

Directed by Neil Stubbings

(Switzerland, 2009, 2')

A close encounter of the third kind.

The Perfect Planet

Directed by Astutillo Smeriglia

(Italy, 2010, 8')

Even on the perfect planet, some things inevitably go wrong.


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