Girls Lost


Sweden, Finland, 2015


Kim, Bella and Momo are three fourteen-year-old girls who discover a fantastic flower with magic qualities: by drinking its nectar they are transformed into boys and they enter a new world. At first they enjoy their newly found freedom, but soon Bella and Momo realize that there are downsides to it. Kim however gets seriously addicted…



IMDb: 6.1

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  • Schauspieler:Tuva Jagell, Wilma Holmén, Louise Nyvall, Emrik Öhlander, Vilgot Ostwald Vesterlund, Alexander Gustavsson, Mandus Berg, Filip Vester, Christophe Mulai

  • Regie:Alexandra-Therese Keining

  • Kamera:Ragna Jorming

  • Autor:Alexandra-Therese Keining, Jessica Schiefauer

  • Musik:Sophia Ersson

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