Matthias Schoch

An seinem achtzehnten Geburtstag verkündet Sebastian, für ein Jahr zu einer Familie nach Genf zu ziehen. Kinder hüten und haushalten.

Julia's Disappearance

— Giulias Verschwinden

A comedy about aging, youth and other eternal truths. Of all days, precisely on her fiftieth birthday, Julia has to experience that age makes you invisible. Frustrated, she goes shopping and makes an acquaintance, spontaneously deciding to spend the evening with this stranger, rather than with the guests of her own birthday party. They wait for her in a restaurant, all dressed up and groomed, lively debating the years that have passed. The truths and wisdom of Julia's closest friends on aging and growing old are drowned increasingly in sufficient quantities of alcohol. In the mean time, on her eightieth birthday, Leonie, sulking over the loss of youth, is rebelling against her daughter, the senior citizen's home, conventions, and old age in general - and joyfully sabotaging the party in her honor.

Drei junge Männer in ihren 30ern kommen in das Alter, wo man langsam etwas aus seinem Leben machen, vielleicht auch eine Familiengründung ins Auge fassen sollte.

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