Vitt skräp

Vitt skräp

Sweden, 2021


In the search for reconciliation with his past, Sami ends up in a small town where he meets Kim. They both meet the local gangster The Old Man who runs a seemingly sophisticated methamphetamine empire together with his two sons Conny and Kenneth. At first, everything is peace and joy, but when drugs start circulating in the town without Gubben's permission, attention is drawn to the newcomer Sami, who realizes that he is in a dangerous situation. To stay alive, he must quickly make a plan.

IMDb: 7.4

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  • Schauspieler:Ola Rapace, Ida Engvoll, Peter Viitanen, Erik Bolin, Peter Eriksson, Donald Högberg, Dakota Trancher Williams

  • Regie:Tobias Leo Nordquist

  • Autor:Joel Forssell, Anton Hagwall, Andreas Doyle

  • Musik:Joel Forssell

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