Ingenting å Le Av

Ingenting å Le Av

Norway, 2021


Kasper (40) is a well known stand up comedian, enjoying the spotlight in Oslo´s best clubs with a beautiful partner. Gradually, he loses his grip, becomes old and his annual christmas show is cancelled to make way for a new cooler comedian. With his career down the drain, it almost seems like things can´t get worse, but then it does. A funny story about the value of taking life seriously, and not so seriously.

IMDb: 7.6

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  • Schauspieler:Odd-Magnus Williamson, Sara Khorami, Øystein Martinsen, Karoline Krüger, Ebba Steenstrup Såheim, Ylva Bjørkaas Thedin, Anna Marie Ottersen

  • Regie:Petter Næss

  • Autor:Odd-Magnus Williamson

  • Musik:Aslak Hartberg

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