Territory 8

Territory 8

United States of America, 2014

FilmScience FictionActionDrama

Shortly after a chemical weapon explosion in the Nevada desert, two scientists find themselves confronting a sinister cover up, and a band of hostile survivors who are looking to escape the quarantined area known as Territory 8.



IMDb: 2.4

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  • Schauspieler:Michael Tushaus, Wong Heung, Stu Chaiken, Justy Hutchins, Colin Ward, Corey Taylor, Michael O'Neal, Will Edwards, John P. Baniqued, David F. Silva, Chuck Prater, Brooke Siffrinn, Zhong Zhi Lu, Lee Beffort, Foster Boom, Joe Palubinsky, Jason Xiao, Zengjiao Jian, Annette Obodai, Patrick Sean Clark, Chelsea Crews, Mark R. Johnson, Christian Tomas, Kris Mayeshiro, Henry Clarke, Frank Rodriguez, Med Jast, Brenda Whitehead, Shae Wilhite, Sean Jackson, F. Ed Knutson, Chritine Battle, Barrie Brown, Holly Feland, Jacqueline Rivera, Danette Tull, Michael Bower, Nathan Ferrier, Troy Pavuk, Monica Isles, Raul Limon, Eddie Deirmenjian, Ron O'Brien

  • Regie:Kelly Schwarze, Lance Klepper

  • Kamera:Jonathan Shrader, Omar Gomez

  • Autor:Kelly Schwarze

  • Musik:Michael Tushaus

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