Wolf's Hole

Vlci bouda

CZ, 1987


In Wolf’s Hole, writer Daniela Fischerová and writer-director Vera Chytilová offer up a teen slasher film in 1980s Czechosolvakia.


A group of eleven teenagers go to a skiing camp on a remote snowy mountain. But when they arrive, the stern instructors insist that there should only ten teenagers. Who is the intruder? Chytilová was an avant-garde filmmaker and a key contributor to the Czech New Wave. As such, the camerawork is experimental, actors range from accomplished to amateur, and the message is ideologically disruptive,
exploring how groups of people without power are expected to conform to, not to question, the desires of their leaders. It also has a truly fabulous dead-girlinside-a-snowman reveal.

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  • Schauspieler:Miroslav Machácek, Tomás Palatý, Stepánka Cervenková

  • Regie:Věra Chytilová

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