City of Lies

City of Lies

United States of America, 2018


Los Angeles Police Department detective Russell Poole has spent years trying to solve his biggest case -- the murders of The Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur -- but after two decades, the investigation remains open. Jack Jackson, a reporter desperate to save his reputation and career, is determined to find out why. In search of the truth, the two team up and unravel a growing web of institutional corruption and lies.



IMDb: 6.4

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  • Schauspieler:Johnny Depp, Forest Whitaker, Toby Huss, Dayton Callie, Neil Brown Jr., Shea Whigham, Xander Berkeley, Melanie Benz, Shamier Anderson, Laurence Mason, Christian George, Michael Pare, Amin Joseph, Josh Hardwick, Glenn Plummer, Antonio Raul Corbo, Jamal Woolard, Brandon Molale

  • Regie:Brad Furman

  • Autor:Christian Contreras, Randall Sullivan

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