Knife in the Head

Messer im Kopf

Germany, 1978


One night when seeking his estranged wife, Hoffmann goes to the youth center where she works. The police are there rounding up radicals who frequent the center - Hoffmann runs into the building and ends up being shot in the head. He awakens with brain trauma, partially paralyzed and unable to speak. The police accuse him of stabbing an officer; the radicals herald him as an innocent victim of police brutality. During his slow recovery at the hospital, Hoffmann must piece together his life and struggle to remember the events of that night.



IMDb: 7

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  • Schauspieler:Bruno Ganz, Angela Winkler, Hans Christian Blech, Heinz Hoenig, Hans Brenner, Udo Samel, Eike Gallwitz, Carla Egerer, Gabriele Dossi, Hans Fuchs

  • Regie:Reinhard Hauff

  • Autor:Peter Schneider

  • Musik:Irmin Schmidt

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